Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Donut Falls Hike

This story dates back to August of 2003 when Khyl and I were in that completely "whooped" stage of dating. It must have only been like our 3rd date that we hiked Donut Falls up Big Cotton Wood canyon. Knowing there was a water fall at the top of the hike we packed our swim suits and washed our hair in the waterfall. The crazy things love makes you do, Ay? I will never forget the couple that we met at the beginning of the hike that asked "Are you guys married?" and Khyl's response of "not yet!" that hinted that he had already considered it. The man then said that he and his wife went on this hike when they were dating and now they had 4 boys together. So, if you are looking to jinks someone into marring you . . . this is the perfect date!

You may be thinking "This blog is soooo 5 years ago", but we actually do this hike every August as a tradition. Okay, so we missed one year, but don't you think that living in Hawaii is a pretty good excuse? So, here are the pictures of our latest venture.