Sunday, August 19, 2007

Canyon Glen "JUICE AND JAM!"

  • Come to Canyon Glen around 8 on Friday night.
  • The amphitheatre is at the north end.
  • Stay until 9:30 (or 10) and if you stay later it will be offensive.
  • We'll have drinks- or you can bring your own if you want to be picky like that.
  • Come prepared (or unprepared) to share your talents (or lack of talent) in the form of music, poetry, or a comedy bit.
  • Yes, you can dance if you want to.
  • Kids are welcome - everyone is welcome.

Friday night was the first ever JUICE AND JAM! (I thought of maybe naming it 'Singing and Soda' but that sounds even lamer that JUICE AND JAM! And yes, JUICE AND JAM! must always be in all caps followed by an exclamation point.)

On Friday evening Me, Shelly, and Tay went up to Canyon Glen park with Joe, Sienna, and River. When we were leaving to go up there I put a guitar in the car but had no idea how signifact an impact that single move would have on my life - and your life.

Me and Michelle and Sienna took turns getting up on stage at the deserted amphitheatre. We performed for eachother in an "open mic." fashion and it was freaking awesome. Then, revelation hit us like a serious 'smack-down:' do this every friday and invite everyone to come, too.

This Friday night (and every friday night until it gets too chilly, probably) we'll have an amp. and an open mic. with a light and we are going to have a butt-load of people there.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Finally potty trained!!

Taylor is now "potty trained," but not in the traditional sense. What is that supposed to mean, anyway? I mean, are we not all pretty much trained to go potty from the moment we are born - or maybe even from the moment we're conceived! Tay has always know how to urinate; I have always known how to urinate. I can think of few things more primitive. Can't we call it toilet trained?

Tay isn't toilet trained. When I say she's potty trained I'm just saying that she knows how to go pee really well in the pool.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bad hair days have never been so good

Yesterday I went with Ben to drop off his motorcycle because he sold it to some chubby dude who we could tell had never been on a motorcycle in his life. I'm glad he insisted on test driving it then and there because it was the source of some good laughs.

As I was in Ben's car waiting for him to find the title to his motorcycle, I picked up his most recent read - The Secret Life of Bees. As I read the first few pages it was obvious that this was actually probably Steph's book (but for the purposes of this entry lets not rule out that Ben is a fairy-boy and really does like chick-books like "Twilight"). One sentence in particular stood out: "Little girls with messy hair don't have mothers" or something like that. I firmly disagree because Tay's mom probably does Tay's hair like 50 times a day. Regardless of how it gets messy, the fact still remains that lil TayTay has some of the wildest hair I've ever seen. This post is to highlight some of the hair that has produced some good laughs and some red faces for both me and shelly.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sisters Weekend 2007!!!

This story dates back to Fall Semester 2002 at Utah State University. It was my last semester of unmarried college life, and I must admit, my favorite. I felt like the luckiest girl ever to be living with such amazing roommates. Three of them were returned missionaries from the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania mission, namely Marie, Steph, and Brook. Well, I some how managed to squeeze my way into their friendship circle, and life has never been the same since!

Last year we decided to start what we call "sisters weekend". A tradition where once a year we get together for a weekend and reminisce of the good ol' days, and create new memories together. Last year it was held here in Provo, and this year we held it in L.A., where Brookie is currently living with her hubby Mike. Here is just a taste of some of the events that took place . . .

On Friday July 27th we went to the Jay Leno show shortly after arriving in L.A. and eating lunch at Taco Bell. It was so awesome to be so close to someone that always seemed so far away on T.V. I enjoyed seeing Jay more then his guest stars (Kevin James from Chuck and Larry, and some guy who swam long distance in the North Pole). Before the show it was fun to watch Marie who was one of about 6 people picked from the audience to do some dance on stage to kill time before the show started. She was one hot tamale! We were not allowed to take pics in there, so sorry for the lack of. After the show we went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner, then walked around the beautiful City Hall. We then retired for the evening at Brookies beautiful home after chatting the night away.

The next morning we did a little (o.k., alot) of shopping at some of those stores that Utah seems to have neglected. I found a few fun things, including a skirt that I wear at least every other day.

After lunch we checked into our Hotel room, compliments of Marie. She had enough travel points to score us a room in the Marriott Hotel on Huntington Beach. Aaaahhhh, those beds are wonderful! After a little reeelaxation, we headed down to the beach where we roasted hotdogs and of course, made s'mores. mmmmmmmm. This was probably my favorite part of sisters weekend. Everything about it was perfect. It was so surreal to just sit on the sand next to our little camp fire eating gooey s'mores as the moon light shined down and the ocean serenaded us. Later that evening we went swimming and hot tubing at the hotel and had a Birthday celebration for Brookie. It was the type of day that could have been ended with "and we lived happily ever after".

Sunday morning we caught a 9:00 sacrament meeting at some random California ward. They actually served wine instead of water! Haha, but it was a pretty cool ward. We then decided to take full advantage of the free buffet breakfast back at the Marriott. Don't mind if I did make a perfectly crisp Belgian waffle topped with strawberries and syrup! My mouth still waters just thinking about it.

The rest of the afternoon we spent walking along Huntington Beach where there was actually a huge surf competition. If I would have known, I totally could have entered. I guess I will have to gain my fame and fortune some other way. But seriously, I just loved spending time with the sista's. They are always so fun and uplifting to be with. I feel like we are all a match made in Heaven. I am so grateful to have such inspirational friends. It was sad to see the vacation come to an end as we said our farewells at the airport. Now I can only dream of what fun adventures we will have at the next sisters weekend! Thanks girls!!!