Monday, January 28, 2008


I've been Tagged!!! A: The rules of the game are posted at the beginning. B: Each player answers the questions about themselves. C: At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

10 years ago - It seemed there wasn't a care in the world. I don't know if I knew what stress was. Speeding tickets and car crashes happened like every other week. Khyl and I met for the first time at one of my parties. =)

5 things on my to do list today - 1. Get Lexi and Taylor and Me dressed (check). 2. Work Out (no check). 3. Brow Wax Apt. on client (check). 4. clean (half check). 5. Post a Blog (check!!!)

Snacks I enjoy - Hot Cocoa (honestly, like 5 cups a day), Dreyers sugar free ice cream, CHOCOLATE, soda

What I would do if I was suddenly a billionair - pay alot of tithing, higher house cleaners, go on every vacation you can think of, leave annomous envolpes enclosed with $10,000 on really crappy cars.

3 bad habbits - chewing WAY too much gum, finishing peoples sentences, wearing flip-flops in the snow.

5 places I have lived - Alpine, Ephraim, Logan, Hawaii (twice), Provo

5 job I have had - hhmmmm . . . which ones should I choose? Abercrombie and Fitch, Cold Stone, Car salesman, Server at Chili's, golf cart girl at Thanksgiving Point, Math Aid for Timberline Junior High, Substitute Teacher, Zions Bank, Server at the PCC, Skills Trainer for Autistic kids, or Rocky Mountain Day Spa?

5 things people don't know about me - I love math and dancing crazy, I am a Royal Aggie, I dream of starting a sucessful business, I have been to jail.

Five people I am tagging
1. Natasha
2. Kara
3. Britney
4. Hallie
5. Julie

Friday, January 18, 2008

5 Years - Happy Anniversary Michelle!

Dear Shelly,

Happy anniversary! That's right, I said it first this morning at midnight. I always do.

5 Years ago - right about now, actually - we were getting hitched. My, oh my, how time seems to fly. Last night I read some of my journal entries from when we were dating. I can't believe that you got cold feet. Thanks for taking a chance on me! I'd venture to say that your gamble has paid off. I mean, I haven't been the perfect husband, true, but we've had some good times, no doubt. Last night you said to me "think of all the stuff we've been through together- we've had so many changes." I thought a lot about that. Many of the biggest life changes we'll go through here in life have occurred in the 5 years since we wed. We've had a chance to experience so much together - good AND bad...
  • We had a baby
  • We climbed Mt. Timpanogas
  • You read the BOM for the first time
  • You got your first root canal
  • I finally quit a job using the whole two weeks notice thing
  • We lived in Hawaii
  • We bought a house - and refinanced it
  • We got into an intense lawsuit
  • I got promoted
  • You became a master esthetician
  • We lost our virginity
  • We've moved 6 times
  • I got in my first fender bender
  • We lived in a mansion
  • We surfed!
  • You lost your dad
  • You lost your brother
  • We fell in love
  • We became landlords
  • We had our first domestic dispute
  • I went on my first helicopter ride
  • I flipped a house
  • We sold that jeep
  • We lived in your mom's basement
  • We got married
  • Taylor said her first prayer
  • You went brown
  • We lost over $10k in an investment
  • I finally got over Nicole Hansen
  • We had another baby
  • I was in a plane crash
  • I survived a plane crash!
  • We had our first Christmas morning at home
  • We became parents
  • We started a business
  • I was in a bishopric
  • You started your first business
  • We sold that Camry
  • We went to Disneyland together
  • I cut my finger up really bad on the table saw
  • I built a website
  • We read the BOM together for the first time
  • Taylor broke her arm
  • You bought something on eBay
  • We went on our first cruise
Like two different-colored globs of Tay's Play-Dough, we've been , rolled, pulled, yanked, dragged, stretched, mashed & smashed into one. But we've been molded into something beautiful (that's mostly you).

I love you so much, Shelly. I can't imagine going through so much joy ever again. With you, though, i don't doubt I'm in for a surprise. I'm seriously excited to become famous country music stars. Once we've got our recording studio finished there'll be no stopping us!

5 Years and ready for 5 million more...

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Make-up Artist?

First of all, let me begin by apologising for my lack of posts lately. I really have no excuse. I am just going to leave it at that and repent by writing more often. I really am a big fan of this whole blog epidemic. It really is a great way to express feelings, share experiences, and view in on the lives of loved ones. Thanks to all of you who share your lives with us.

I have to share with you so of Taylor's latest pieces of Art. I really do believe in letting her express herself, even if it means having more things to clean up. Of course I have to draw the line somewhere, and sometimes she crosses the line when I am not paying attention.

Taylor got some make-up for Christmas from her cousin Ty. She absolutely loved the gift, and has already almost used all of it! It was just a few days after Christmas when I turned around to check on why Taylor was being so quiet in the car that I found this . . .

I try to let her know that she is beautiful the way she is, but she saw it fit to apply base all over her body to hide all her blemishes. I decided to let her finish her masterpiece, and cover her car seat too.

Then a few days later I found her practicing on Lexi. I ended up throwing the make-up away, but she somehow found it in the trash can, and repeated the make-up session just a few days later. Lexi actually seemed to like it. It was really cute watching her grin from ear to ear as slowly her face was almost completely covered in thick glittery goo. Little did I know that she would be sporting the glitter for the next few days.

Although there are some days that by the time evening comes, I feel like I have run a marathon, and about to have an emotional break-down, I really do love being a mom. All my work seems like nothing compared to the joy that I feel when my sweet little Taylor hugs me and says "your a good mommy" (as she has done a couple of times in the last few days).