Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So, we love Jack Johnson.

We went to his concert last month and it was so cool. Getting general admission 'pit' tickets landed us front and center and about 12 people from the stage. Between songs I found myself really opening up to him. I yelled "jack, you own me," "don't quit now, jack," and other funny things that had the group around us chuckling and giggling - but no reaction from the band.

Well, I decided I needed to pull something out of my hat that would really get a reaction from jack himself. I opened up my mouth and it just came to me: "I want my wife to have your baby." It got a lot of laughs from all our new friends standing around us as jack johnson started into his song "same girl."

He was only a couple lines into the song when he quit, looked down, and said with a big smile on his face "I just messed up because of what you just yelled." It was so great!" Then he told the rest of the audience of 20,000 "so this guy up here just yelled 'i want my wife to have your baby,' and i was tryin' to play the song, but then i started thinkin' about it - and i messed up the words..."

At that point i grabbed shelly's legs at her knees and lifted her up so he could see her. Her new claim to fame is that, when he looked at her, he said "you're lovely." Isn't that awesome? He such an amazing guy. And he's a gentleman, too - if i were him I would've taken me up on the offer! Maybe he thinks we were in it just for the child support or something.

Anyway, in case you don't know us, it was a joke. AND, if you do know us and haven't heard, shelly is actually prego with baby number three for us!!! Due April 24th so if you're a guy that means we don't know if it's a 'princess' or a 'prince' in tay talk.

Lots of fun - life is great - we love all of you.

- Khyl

Monday, September 15, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!

Every now and then Khyl has work conventions in Vegas. Sometimes I decide to tag along and take advantage of the free hotel stay. So, that's what we did last weekend. His employers always put him in the same hotel, which is, The Golden Nugget. My favorite part is that it has an amazing pool. It even includes a waterslide that goes through huge fish tank with shark! Taylor and Lexi absolutely LOVE it.

This was not a posed shot. Lexi had this smile on her face almost the whole 2 hours we swam!

This is the official 'Golden Nugget'. It's the largest golden nugget on display in the world.

Beauty and the Beast

I have the coolest next door neighbors. Because we live in college town, we have singles on both sides. I have made good friends with the girls who live to the south of us. About a week ago, Daphni called to take Taylor on a date. I ended up going along as well because it was to see 'Beauty and the Beast' perform in a play on Center Street. It was seriously so much fun! Taylor absolutely loved seeing Bell perform in person. She sat wide eyed and amazed the entire time. At the end she told me she wanted to be freinds with Bell, so we took her up to meet her. I think it made her year!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

September Fools

Let me start by apologizing for the 2 year gap in blogs. I really have no good excuse . Let's be honest . . . is there a good excuse? Anyway, there really has been so much that has occurred since Father's Day. Lexi started crawling about a month ago. Taylor learned to ride her first bike. Khyl sold the website he built to the owners of the company he works for. Lexi got her first teeth (four of them!). Taylor really does have some nice bones in her body as she grows out of the terrible two's. I got a small job that I bring Tay and Lexi to. Khyl broke 3 ribs, and I am pregnant with twins!
Okay, so the last two were just to see if you were paying attention. They are false. However,
I will strive to be much more diligent in my posts. Life moves to quickly to just skip over a few months!