Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Peaceful Chaos???

After putting Brighton and Lexi down for a nap, I decided to lay down and rest for a minute. Taylor began to scratch my back and while doing so whispered "I love you, mom". It's moments like that, that make my whole soul smile. While laying down I began reflecting upon what a sweet age all my girls are at.

I am the first to admit that most of the time things at my house seem loud, chaotic, unpredictable, and FULL of emotion. There are plenty of days when I wonder what I was thinking having 3 kids so close together. Those are the days that make me appreciate what my mother went through with six of us.

However, there are moments that are so blissful I wish my kids would stay this sweet and innocent forever. Today I was trying to teach Brighton how to smell flowers. I would get close to them and sniff, and then let her try. Every time, she would just burst out laughing the most adorable giggle I could ever wish for. It was the kind of laugh that I wish I could push a repeat button to listen to all day long. This week she learned to say "uh oh" and how to wave good-bye. Just thinking of her makes me so happy.

Lexi is at the age most would call "the terrible two's". I would beg to differ. Yes, she throws the usual tantrum now and then as I would expect, but her pretty blue eyes make even her tantrums seem cute at times. Her angelic face and little high voice have a way of melting me. She LOVES to sing, and I am under the impression she may be musically talented. She is getting lots of practice belting her voice from yelling "MOM!!! I WOKE UP!!!" every morning over and over again in her crib. I can tell that having all boy cousins and friends is rubbing off on her a bit because today she drew a picture of a robot.

Taylor is getting easier to manage by the day. She is my little artist. She colors pictures like they are coming into style. It amazes me how emotionally intelligent she can be. She is always so quick to comfort anyone that needs some TLC . . . especially if it's Brighton. She talks about Jesus quite a bit, and often says pretty profound things. The other day she told me matter of factly "Jesus catches us when we fall". With her big brown eyes, dimple, and raspy voice, I worry about the dating years.

Keep in mind that I always seem to love them more when they are asleep . . . and right now 2 of the 3 are napping. So for now . . . I will just enjoy the very limited quite time I have to remind myself that I do love being a mother.