Friday, July 20, 2007

Taylor Swift Shumway

The Rocky Mountain Review

The all-stars of the Utah Jazz and the Seattle Sonics came together for a clash of the titans. We were there: The Rocky Mountain Review.

Some say that Kevin Durant is the next Michael Jordan. Pfffttt - maybe a lazy Michael Jordan.

The Ref. really had it in for the Jazz so we were heckling him. "I HATE YOU REF! I WANT TO SEE YOUR BRAINS SMASHED ALL OVER THE COURT," I yelled. Some were appalled, most laughed- one girl peed a little bit in her pants.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Midnight Showing of Harry Potter

I honestly planned to go to take pictures of all the OTHER people there who would be dressed up all crazy. As it turns out, Kellen dressed up in a Spiderman costume and it totally made the night unforgettable.


Sunday, July 8, 2007

Independence Day (no, not the movie)

I've been waiting for Michelle to blog July 4th but she is just so lazy! Just kidding, sweetie!

I thought I'd copy Lauren on the photobucket slideshow thing -

In the morning we went to the parade and found a spot that was supposed to be reserved for the parade volunteers but nobody was there so we sat there. The parade was boring this year and our camera battery died so we only got like one picture.

In the evening we went to a bbq at my moms - she is a crazy good cook and this year she got so crazy. See the picture of my finger? It's looking pretty good, huh?

After we ate we just chilled for a little bit then headed over the THE CULDESAC OF FIRE!!! This is an annual celebration in my mom's neighborhood - it's pretty much the sickest block party around.

After dancing we watched the fireworks from the field. It was probably the most emotional fireworks show I've ever been witness to (except for Jackson Hole '03 - Dang, that was good).

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Intense Real Estate Dispute

Every year the 4Th of July rings in with an incredible parade in Provo, Utah. It seems like every year the fight for a spot along old center street gets more and more intense. This year, my frustration has heightened.

We first tried to designate our spot in front of the old printing museum. We came back later that night and our blankets had been folded up and placed aside. Next, we tried on the corner just at the end of our street. The next morning, we found our blankets folded up and placed aside. At that point I wasn't too frustrated because there were still a few places remaining. Kudos to Michelle for going to extra mile so that the third time, nobody would steel our place. She went and bought string - red - and stakes, and hammered them into the ground in front of Far West Bank. The next morning, the stuff was still there. "It worked!" we thought. Later on this afternoon, however, the stakes had been removed and replaced with a 'customer appreciation' sign for Far West Bank - below it was a sign that said "this spot reserved for the [loser-face] family.

I can't begin to describe how angry I am at this whole situation. Am I just way off base here or is this something that would make most of you mad, too. I mean, come on, where is the decency, here? Could any of you justify removing somebody else's stuff and replace it with yours? That's the kind of thing that will send a man straight to Hell, in my opinion.

Shame on you, Far West Bank - shame on you everyone else who has ever stolen someone else's spot.

our first video blog post

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Taylorsville Days - Yes, we're white trash, too.

I told .Michelle that out of all the summertime festive carnivals we could attend, its interesting that we never fail to make time for the most ghetto of them all- Taylorsville Days.

At one point I went to get a drink at the drinking fountain and got in line behind who I can only assume was a mother- with her two little girls. When they couldn't figure out how to turn on the dinking fountain, the mother pointed it out for them: "Right here, you bumsh-ts!" It was then that i realized I was in the company of giants- about 4000 of them.

Each year, Michelle's Aunt Marge has a 'come one, come all' celebration at her house. She lives right next to Taylorsville park where all the fun takes place. The evening begins with Sloppy Joes. Mmmmmmm (I put potato chips on mine). We were supposed to bring our own drinks but didn't. I was so grateful to Grandpa Dee for bringing a cooler full of grocery-store-brand sodas - I grabbed a grape! I'm guessing he got them at Kohlers because I'd seen him there earlier that day. I avoided him, then, which I should've done when we got to aunt Marge's because I was holding Tay when we saw him and she has never squeezed me so tight! She wrapped her arms and legs around me and scrambled to somehow get closer to me and far, far away from this man who could not have been scarrier had he been dressed in a wasp costume.

At nine we walked over to the park with everyone and layed out our blankets in prep for the fireworks. A lot happened in the hour prior to them beginning but it'll be enough for me to just say that I honestly think that Kellen is on cocaine (not that I was ever on cocaine, but i told Michelle that's exactly how I acted before my mission) and that Texas Twister has iced tee in it.

The fireworks began and it was a glorious show. We danced and had a blast!

This was typed with the five fingers of my left hand and my right-hand thumb.

Taylor is attacked by KILLER BEES!!

Khyl and I were enjoying a lovely luncheon after my cousin's baptism yesterday. We thought lil' Tay would be fine on the gigantic playground in my uncles yard, but with Taylor we should have known better. We heard her crying excessively hard and went running to find she had discovered a wasps nest under a slide. She had been stung by the little devils 8 times!

She was such a good sport as we covered each sting in mud to soothe the pain and draw out the sting. Poor Taylor!